5lb. Cozy Camper Coffee Bag (Whole Bean/Ground)

Five pound bags of Fair Trade Organic or Flavored beans are available in a variety of Blends,Single Origin, and Decaf. We will grind beans to your specification at no additional cost.




Cozy Camper Coffee

Cozy Camper coffee is roasted in small batches for a perfect taste and we guarantee quality and freshness! We use only the very best specialty-grade coffee beans found all over the world. Flavors that you have never experienced come forward covering your palate and senses with an enjoyable experience that is highly desirable. That’s what makes us Cozy Camper!


Backroads Blend – Our signature blend of Central & South American coffees formulate this flavorful, medium-bodied coffee

Breakfast Blend – A flavorful, medium-bodied blend of Central & South American coffees that is unlike other.

Cafe Fonseca – Rich, creamy, very smooth and deep-bodied blend of Central American beans.

Fireside Blend – This blend gets you warm and nostalgic, with thoughts of a welcoming campfire alongside loved ones. This is a rich blend of Full City and dark roast coffees that is sure to carry you away!

French Roast – Satisfy your dark roast pallet with this dark, rich, and full-bodied coffee that exudes a very deep smoky taste. Never bitter or over-roasted. Always smooth, dark, and smoky.

French Roast Decaf – Mountain Water Process. Naturally decaffeinated. Satisfy your pallet with this dark, rich, & full-bodied coffee that excudes a very deep smoky taste. Never bitter or over roasted. Always smooth.

Guatemalan – Mild-medium intensity; distinct fruity acidic flavor with a light creamy, sweet profile

House Blend – Very appealing, smooth, lighter coffee with a mild Full City blend of Central American coffees

Italian Roast – Enjoy this dark roasted coffee that has a heavy, rich body and strong smoky flavor

Latin Sunset – This is a distinctive, relaxing blend of rich & fruity Central American coffees. This sunset is slightly sweet, smooth, and memorable!

Mexican Altura – Light, mild body and low in acidity. Long, smooth, lingering aftertaste

Mexican Decaf – Mountain Water Process. Naturally decaffeinated. Light, mild body and low in acidity. Long, smooth, lingering aftertaste.

Midnight Moon – Gazing under a midnight moon, surrounded by heavenly bright stars, you come across this deep & syrupy celestial dark roast that will make you appreciate life’s wonders!

Nicaraguan – Rich, medium-bodied; exhibits sweetness and flavorful spice overtones.

Peru – A unique, complex medium-bodied coffee that is slightly earthy, with hints of dark chocolate & orange notes.

Peru Decaf – Complex & earthy; hints of chocolate

Roasters Premium Select – True to its name, this is a well-balanced blend of premium medium and dark roast coffees that are rich & flavorful. Slight smoky sharpness from its Central & South America beans.

Scandinavian Blend – As a long-standing favorite among the Swedes and Norwegians, this true Nordic blend brings out the best in our coffees with its mix of smooth, rich medium and dark roast beans.

Sumatra – Heavy, bold, and syrupy body; This is a unique & complex coffee that has a smooth malty taste with deep aroma

Vienna Roast – A classic roast that has a low dark roast profile, with a smooth & slightly smoky aroma and taste.

Butterscotch Toffee – Buttery rich toffee with a smooth finish

Caramel Macchiato – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of caramel, vanilla & butterscotch

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of cinnamon sugar cookie

French Vanilla – Smooth mild roast with a rich flavor of vanilla

Hazelnut – Smooth, full bodied with a hint of hazelnut

Highlander Grog – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of caramel & Irish cream

Swiss Chocolate Almond – A strong, smooth cup with a hint of chocolate & almonds

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